Belfleur’s versatility brings new meaning to  beer cocktails!  Add a splash to a Belgium White beer or a classic Pils and prepare to be impressed by the perfect marriage of hops and elderflower.

Enjoy a pre-chilled Belfleur Elderflower Liqueur over ice

Belfleur Elderflower cachaça cocktail

- Fill glass with ice

- 2 cl Belfleur 

- 3 cl Belgin (or any other gin)

- 6 cl Tonic (in this example Fevertree)

Belgian Drink Goodness! Vlierbloesem gin tonic!

Belfleur Elderflower gin and tonic


- 25 ml Belfleur
- 100 ml cava

Chill both the Belfleur and the cava. Pour the Belfleur into your champagne flute and then top up with cava, making sure to leave space at the top for any bubbles that form. To garnish, add a frozen fresh raspberry.

Courtesey from BlackbirdinBrussels

Belfleur Cava with raspberry

Belfleur over ice

Belfleur vodka

You can elevate it by adding vodka to enjoy a vodka elderflower cocktail: fill glass with ice, add 1 part vodka and 2 parts Belfleur

Discover how the well-balanced floral and citrus notes of Belfleur pair perfectly with Champagne, gin, tonic, vodka, wine and beer cocktails.  Belfleur is made with fresh Belgian elderflower blossoms that are macerated for several weeks to obtain the most delicious taste.

Belfleur is 20% in alcohol by volume (40 proof) and in contrast to syrups, Belfleur does not dilute cocktails and preserves the originally delicious elderflower flavor. 

beer cocktails

Champagne / cava / sparkling cocktails

Belfleur with white beer or Pils

Recipe one
- 2 CL Belfleur (1 part)
​- 10 CL Champagne (5 parts)

​Recipe two

- 2 CL Belfleur​

- 10 CL Prosecco, Cava or dry sparkling white wine

- dash of sparkling water

Belgin St Cruyt & Belfleur Elderflower cocktail


- Belgin St Cruyt 
- Belfleur Elderflower Liqueur
- Home Made Orange Angostura
- Dry white Vermouth
- Muddled mint leaves

- 25cl glass of white beer
- 1.5cl Belfleur

- 33cl glass of white beer

- 2cl Belfleur

Belfleur Elderflower Liqueur

Belfleur Elderflower pisco sour cocktail